Video of Scuba Diving on the Drop-Off at Tulamben, Bali

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Video from the Drop-off at Tulamben, Bali, featuring a spectacular purple giant fan coral, Chromodoris nudibranchs, an ornate ghost pipefish and a spotted seahorse. Before and after exploring the drop-off we spend time in the bay at The River where we meet Tulamben's famous schools of bigeye trevallies and a school of yellowstripe scad.

Also featuring a narrow-lined puffer, red lionfish, yellowsaddle goatfish, blue-spotted puffer, barrel sponge, blue face angelfish, clown triggerfish, Philippine butterflyfish, Bennett's butterflyfish, a juvenile harlequin sweetlips and a tassled scorpionfish.

Shot in May 2006 with AquaMarine Diving.

This footage is included in my Diving in Bali DVD.

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Nick Hope