Video of Scuba Diving at Seraya Secrets in Bali

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Seraya Secrets, near to Tulamben in North East Bali, is an exellent muck dive known for weird and wonderful critters. A small school of batfish hang around the artificial reef project in the shallows. A little deeper we find two thorny seahorses, a school of juvenile striped eel catfish, a porcelain anemone crab and two different nudibranchs.

Also featuring a scrawled filefish on a branching tube sponge, a white-spotted puffer, a yellowmargin triggerfish, a snowflake moray eel swimming in search for food, a purple long tentacle anemone, a sebae anemonefish and a juvenile oriental sweetlips.

Shot in May 2006 with AquaMarine Diving.

This footage is included in my Diving in Bali DVD.

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Nick Hope