Video of a Night Dive on the Drop-Off at Tulamben, Bali

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By night the Drop-off and The River at Tulamben provides plenty of treats for the visiting diver. This video includes a crinoid squat lobster, a deadly textile cone, a dwarf cuttlefish, a scrawled filefish and an anemone hermit crab.

Also featuring a bluespotted stingray, a red lionfish, a mean-looking banded moray, a sleeping palenose parrotfish, a pyramid butterflyfish, raccoon butterflyfish, lemon damsel, a juvenile bigeye emperor, a black-saddled toby, a blackspotted puffer and a white-spotted puffer.

Shot in May 2006 with AquaMarine Diving.

This footage is included in my Diving in Bali DVD.

See HD video from Tulamben Drop-Off in my Bali Diving video.

Nick Hope