Video of Bunaken Timur & Sachiko's Point

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Bunaken Timur lies on the east coast of Bunaken Island. Sachiko's Point is nearby at the north-east corner. Both are typical Bunaken wall dives featuring a wealth of marine life. The video features crinoids (feather stars), a napoleon wrasse, a spotted eagle ray, nudibranchs, a school of striped bonito, banded boxer shrimps, redtooth triggerfish and a beautiful Hypselodoris apolegma nudibranch.

Also featuring a school of juvenile striped eel catfish, Indo-Pacific sergeants, a whitemouth moray eel, a banded sea snake, a blackspotted puffer, a bluefin trevally, a nudibranch's egg mass, yellowstriped fairy basslets, redfin anthias and a school of blue-green chromis. The tops of the walls are covered in spectacular hard corals.

Shot in June 2006 at Two Fish Divers.

The music is Deep Blue by Toao of

See high definition video from Sachiko in my Bunaken Diving HD video.

Nick Hope