Video of Night Diving at Bunaken Island

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A montage of night-dive video footage from "Muka", right in front of Two Fish Divers' resort on Bunaken Island. The video features a snowflake moray, a blackspotted puffer, a stareye parrotfish (Carolines parrotfish), a Chromodoris dianae nudibranch, a Pleurobranchus grandis sidegill slug, a twinspot lionfish (Fu Manchu lionfish), tassled scorpionfish, and many crustaceans including a decorator crab, a sponge crab, a splendid round crab, a blue-spotted hermit crab, a pronghorn spiny lobster and a marble shrimp.

I also have a high definition video of night-diving at Bunaken, shot a few months after this one.

Nick Hope