Use Of My Videos & Footage

I receive a huge number of requests for use of my videos. Many of these are requests to display my videos for free, or in exchange for "credits" or "promotion". I do not permit any commercial use in exchange for credits or promotion. If your entity is "non-commercial" or "nonprofit", you are not necessarily entitled to display my videos for free. The cost of producing underwater video is high. However I do sometimes allow the publication of my videos for charitable, educational or conservation purposes.

YouTube Videos

If possible, and if you have internet available, use one of my YouTube videos or playlists and play it online from YouTube. I have a lot available and the views are good for me. For a short HD video with punch, I can recommend Dakuwaqa's Garden. For educational purposes I recommend Reef Life of the Andaman or Mucky Secrets - The Marine Creatures of the Lembeh Strait, which are long documentaries including descriptive narration and subtitles. Note that adverts may display over or during the videos. These are an important source of income for me. Make sure that YouTube's Terms of Service permit your intended use. YouTube's terms do not permit you to download videos for offline playback or to block the adverts.

If you wish to display one of my YouTube videos offline, or as part of your own production, please complete the form below.

Stock Footage Clips

Use the links on the left of this page to search for individual stock footage video clips that you can license.

Around half of my footage archive, alphabetically by subject from A to L, is exclusively distributed by NatureFootage. This includes footage of anemonefish, butterflyfish, coral reefs, Fiji etc.. Clips are either royalty-free (RF), meaning they can be used for more than one project without further payment. Others are rights-managed (RM), meaning that they are licensed for a specific project. RF is generally cheaper than RM. Nearly all of my standard definition footage is RF. My HD footage is split between RF and RM.

Enquiries and pricing for that footage are handled by NatureFootage, not me personally. Prices are available on the footage preview pages on this website and include rates for most types of usage, including educational and nonprofit purposes. Bulk discounts are also available. Contact NatureFootage using the "Contact Us" link on my footage preview pages.

The rest of my footage archive, alphabetically by subject from M to Z, can still be licensed directly from me. This includes sharks, whales and rays. Unfortunately, if the clips aren't included in my YouTube videos, there is currently no easy way to preview them, but you can see what subjects I have footage of by browsing the links on the left. My pricing is similar to that for the footage distributed by NatureFootage. Please complete the form below.

Still Images

For use of my still images, see this page.

Promos and Commissions

I am not actively seeking promo work or special commissions, as I am already very busy with my own documentary projects. If you wish me to produce something for you that is different from my YouTube videos or DVDs, then please contact me using the form below. My typical rates for shooting new footage are here.

Enquiry Form

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