Underwater Video Credits

Video "Pro"

  • 2002 - 2008 - Santana Diving, Phuket, Thailand. Making souvenir videos of Phuket daytrips and liveaboard cruises to the Similan Islands, Burma etc..
  • 2008 - Nai'a Cruises, Fiji. Making souvenir videos of liveaboard cruises in Fiji and Tonga.

TV & Film Crew

  • 2001 - YAP Films - Underwater cameraman for The Struma, a documentary about the Jewish refugee ship sunk in Turkey in WWII.
  • 2005 - MTV Europe. Back on the Backpacker Trail. Underwater and topside DV video of Danny Dyer snorkelling and marine life at Phi Phi Island.Moken kids at Surin Islands
  • 2005 - NDR Fernsehen, Germany. Das Geisterschiff der Moken. Underwater cameraman shooting DV of Moken sea gypsies spear fishing in Surin Islands for Mare TV series.
  • 2006 - Kanakna Productions, Belgium for VT4's Temptation Island. Underwater cameraman shooting DVCAM of Rebecca Loos and contestant snorkelling at Coral Island.

Promo Video

  • 2004 - Daka Industries, Hong Kong. Underwater cameraman - DV footage of "Aqua Glider" and "Seadoo Seascooter" in swimming pool, Phuket.
  • 2004 - Royal Developments International (RDI). grey reef sharkTopside cameraman shooting promo footage of Koh Samui and new resort development.
  • 2006 - Siam Ocean World, Bangkok. Shark footage for Shark Week promo.
  • 2006 - Travel Counsellors, UK. Footage of divers on reef for TV advert. The advert is on their home page.
  • 2006 - Surface Marker, Phuket. Short Flash movie demonstrating use of surface marker buoy. See the movie on their home page.
  • 2006 - 2008 - Two Fish Divers, North Sulawesi. Promo videos for dive shows and the internet.
  • 2007 - 2008 - TVtrip.com. Topside cameraman shooting promo footage of Phuket hotels. Links to my videos are on my showreel page.
  • 2008 - AquaMarine Diving, Bali. Promo video for dive shows etc..

Survey Video

  • 2004 - Deep Blue Divers. Underwater survey video of tanker, Phuket.

Underwater Stock Footage for TV

  • NOS Television The Netherlands - Footage of Moken sea gypsies from Surin Islands.
  • Associated Press Television News - Post-tsunami underwater footage from the Similan Islands. Diver in HMHS Britannic Promenade Deck
  • BBC TV News - Footage of HMHS Britannic.
  • Regent Entertainment - Britannic (Channel 4 etc.). Footage of HMHS Britannic for end credits.
  • Actuality Productions - "Lost Marvels" (History Channel). Footage of HMHS Britannic.
  • MPH Entertainment- History's Mysteries: Doomed Sisters of the Titanic. (History Channel). Footage of HMHS Britannic.
  • ITV (UK) - Footage of humpback whales for Funniest Things
  • Nat Geo Wild - Footage of octopus fighting for Animal Fight Club / Animal Fight Night
Sea Shepherd Conservation Society
Nick Hope